Virtual stories and games, which enjoy and help to overcome difficulties.

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    of children and parents

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    We always strive for the best.

    Virtual stories and games, which enjoy

    and help to overcome difficulties and fears

    No matter which country or culture we live in, children have similar needs. Through the use of modern technologies, we want to support children and their families in the process of upbringing. Children get support in their everyday challenges and problems using beautifully designed, and easy to use mobile apps with virtual reality experience and consoles games (PS4 and Xbox).


    Almost universally, children are afraid of doctors and don’t want to take their medicine, generally, avoid healthy foods, dislike learning activities such as learning how to count, and other important development needs. By becoming a character of a story, children learn to build positive habits and understand how their decisions affect their life. Children gain important, valuable knowledge about many topics in an enjoyable way. It is necessary to prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular diseases that closely are related to the body weight and quality of food delivered to the body on the everyday basis.

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    Girl power supported by the genius programmers and cultural advisors.




    Animator and game tester

    Kinga Laura

    Child Psychologist

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